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Our budder concentrates pack a powerful punch. We whip them to perfection to form a smooth and creamy consistency, just like butter. By capturing the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in our premium flower, these concentrates are therapeutic, flavorful, and aromatic.

Medical Marijuana Budder
Medical Marijuana Sauce


Our sauce concentrates accentuate the natural terpenes found in our premium flower for a satisfying, savory, and fragrant experience. These concentrates have a sticky consistency with small bits of nearly pure THCa crystals that form from a slow and steady extraction process.


Rick Simpson Oil or RSO is a full-spectrum concentrate that maintains all of the plant’s natural compounds for a potent therapeutic experience. Choose between convenient, precision-filled capsules or syringes for easy, controlled manual dosing. Visit our blog to learn more about RSO, its use and its benefits.

Medical Marijuana RSO
Medical Marijuana Sugar


Like the gemstones themselves, Calypso diamond concentrates are masterfully crafted with controlled heat and pressure. This extraction method allows THCa crystals to grow and separate from the plant’s terpene-rich mixture. As nearly pure THCa, you can enjoy THC levels of 90% or more with this potent concentrate.


Our sugar concentrates have a similar consistency to sugar you may find in your home. These concentrates sparkle with nearly pure THCa crystals tossed with strain specific terpenes. By extracting the entire profile of cannabinoids and terpenes in our premium flower, our concentrates have potent effects, flavors, and scents.

Medical Marijuana Sugar
Medical Marijuana Sugar

Terpene Syringe

Ready to wow your senses? Use Calypso concentrated terpene syringes on their own, or boost the power of your favorite flower or concentrate, adding powerful aromas and flavors with elevated effects and sensory experiences. Packed with each strain’s unique terpene profile, our terpene syringes are a low-THC option that might be perfect for your next relief treatment.


Our crumble has a delicate texture, like dewy sand, that falls apart or ‘crumbles’ when handled. Not only is this concentrate potent, but it’s also versatile. Enjoy it on its own or sprinkle crumble onto your favorite concentrate or flower for a unique and powerful experience.

Medical Marijuana Sugar

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