Meet the Team: Oriana

She’s fierce. She’s mighty. She’s Oriana, our Logistics Manager. Oriana is an invaluable member of our team who helps bring structure and order to our fast-paced and demanding workdays. Oriana excels under pressure and “lives on her toes” so she’s always ready to find a solution and tackle a problem. We are so grateful to have a strong, passionate leader like her on Team Calypso. To learn more about Oriana, check out our employee interview below:

How long have you worked at Calypso, and what’s your role?
“My one year anniversary will be in October, so I have been in my position for just over ten months. My role is Logistics Manager. I run The Vault, which means maintaining accurate inventory and picking, packing, and shipping out all orders!”

How do you start your mornings and/or end your days at Calypso?
“I always start my morning with coffee and end my day with a Diet Coke. Lots of caffeine needed to get all the work done! When I get into the office I hear a lot of ‘HEY-O!’s’ (my Roller Derby name, and favorite nickname) from the team, which always makes me smile.”

What’s surprised you most about working in the medical marijuana industry?
“Outside of work, I’m always a little surprised when I talk to someone who’s unaware of medical marijuana and how it provides relief to patients with chronic and challenging conditions like Chrohn’s Disease, epilepsy, and anxiety disorders. It goes to show there’s still a need to educate and advocate in this industry. That said, I’ve also experienced plenty of conversations with people who are ecstatic to tell me how much medical marijuana has helped them. It’s particularly rewarding to hear someone say how much they love Calypso products!”

You shared that you are a medical marijuana patient, what’s your preferred method of treatment?
“I find that vaping works best for me, particularly for my anxiety. It works fast and really helps when I start to feel the anxiety coming on. It also helps me with chronic pain I have from injuries.”

What’s something that most people don’t know about you?
“It’s hard to say, most people hear me talking non-stop about Roller Derby, so that’s out. I’m a super nerd who plays Dungeons & Dragons, loves puzzles, and plays a lot of video games. I also have 9 tattoos and a motorcycle—so I guess I’m a tough, adventurous nerd! On a more serious note, I think a lot of people don’t know that I have a son, Robin Pierce, who was stillborn on December 9, 2018. I’m wearing his shirt in the photo (above). Losing a child is a traumatic experience, and medical marijuana has helped me get off conventional medications and manage my anxiety and PTSD from losing my son. Working here at Calypso has been a blessing. Everyone has been so supportive of me and my family through my recovery journey.”